On to Mars

Cryptocurrency to support projects to make life multi-planetary

Key Facts

ERC-20 Token

Ethereum is a safe decentralized leverage blockchain


We support becoming a multi-planetary species and creating a better future by backing Mars related projects with Marsereum

42 billion MTH

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.


New donation concept, where both parties benefit via a reflection mechanism

5 % buy and sell fee

to finance the reflection rewards


1 % for development and marketing
2 % for supported organizations
2 % for existing holders

Supported organizations

The Mars Society
The Mars Foundation
Mars University


On-Chain voting and introducing proposals with Marsereum Governance

Future outlook

New Mars currency
fund and support space exploration beyond Mars

Marsereum Governance

Marsereum Governor empowers token holders for community-driven decisions, ensuring the project's adaptability and long-term relevance in our multi-planetary future.

Delegate your vote

to yourself or a trusted representative

Vote on proposal

- 20% voting power to accept voting
- Supported organizations have no voting rights

Issue new proposal

- Proposing new organizations
- Suggesting the removal of organizations
- Modifying buy or sell fees

How to buy Marsereum


Phase 1

Launch MTH

- Launch MTH
- Donation of 6,3 billion MTH to chosen organizations

Phase 2

Involve the community

- Opening the Marsereum-Club
- Community related conferences and events
- New alliances and collaborations
- Launching the Marsereum-Store

Phase 3

Humans on Mars

- 2035 First humans land on Mars
- 2040 First colony on Mars

Phase 4

New purpose

- Choosing a new purpose via voting for MTH
- New Mars currency or donation coin