Organizations we support

The Mars Society

The Mars Society promotes human exploration and settlement of Mars through public outreach, political advocacy, and privately-funded research. They aim to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars within then ext decade using the Mars Direct plan. Their programs include Mars analog simulations, educational initiatives like MarsVR and Marspedia, and the annual International Mars Society Convention.
Mars Foundation

The Mars Foundation aims to design, fund, build, and operate the first permanent settlement on Mars using local materials. They're identifying core technologies through prototype projects, examining locally derived materials like fiberglass and polymers, and have established a team of technical advisors.
Mars University

Mars University is the first school dedicated to making life multi-planetary, uniting students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum. Our mission is to enable humans to adapt and extend human civilization to become multiplanetary. Let's educate, inspire, and empower humanity to open new frontiers.