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Gift to Vitalik Buterin
We've just sent 42,000,000 MTH a gift to Ethereum co-founder @VitalikButerin. Why? BecauseVitalik's visionary leadership paved the way for projects like ours to thrivein the crypto space. We're grateful for his contributions to blockchaininnovation and want to show our appreciation. Thank you, Vitalik!
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Marsereum Governor is now live
Marsereum Governor with on-chain voting is now live! Our community can actively participate in shaping the future of Marsereum. Join us in making multi-planetary dreams a reality. Visit our Governor at MarsereumGovernor.


Change of Ownership address
We've just taken a major step in our project's evolution! Our ownership address has been updated to Marsereum.eth.
This change signifies the beginning of a thrilling new chapter in the Marsereum journey. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting phase.
Big things are on the horizon!


Launch Summary
Everything worked as planned.

Open Market trading is open after 10:00 pm UTC on 21.04.2023.

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Airdrop to organizations
Successfully airdroped

-The Mars Society
-Mars Foundation
-Mars Foundation

Each 5% of the total Marsereum supply.